Banking and Finance

We offer abroad range of legal services related to financial aspects of business transactions in addition to agreements that require deep legal knowledge and techniques. 

Our role consists in advising on feasibility studies, risk minimization to obtain insurance and indemnity cover, advising on credit facilities and loan agreements, feasibility studies and the legal frameworks required for each project and the fiscal environment. Drafting and negotiating relevant agreements in this respect. We also control and pilot due diligence relevant to new investments. We also aim at organizing setting up financial structure of projects, identifying joint ventures partners, negotiating the terms and conditions of loans by preparing all supporting documents.

Islamic Banking:

Islamic banking has been defined as banking with consonance of the ethos and value system of Islam and governed, in addition by the good governance and risk management rules, by the principles laid down by the Islamic Shari’a. Here below a list of the main modes of Islamic banking and finance that our practice offers to its clients: incorporation of Islamic banks, structuring of Islamic funds, issuance of Islamic bonds (sukuk), Islamic securitization, use of Islamic basic contracts such as Ijara (lease), Istinsaa (contract of construction or manufacture), Mudaraba (capital and service partnership), Takaful (Islamic cooperative insurance), Bay ‘al salam (commodities sales), A’akid el wadiaa (deposit agreement).